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The Zoo - This Pensacola zoo offers a beautiful escape from your ordinary day urban world. Home for over a 700 animals, the zoo introduces visitors to such diverse creatures known to this planet as wildebeests, alligators, African wild dogs, pygmy hippos and more spectacular animals. The botanical gardens help make the Pensacola zoo and attractive place for different events like weddings, receptions, birthday parties, and meetings.

Take a trip to the Pensacola zoo, drive across the Pensacola bay bridge from Pensacola to the local community of gulf breeze. Just imagine seeing these wonderful creature here on earth do what they were made to do and that's go wild. It is a great experience to be at a zoo and learn about the creatures that help protect the earth in different ways, see them make young one come to life and how they care for their young ones. It just a once in a life time to visit these magnificent animal's and see their trainers helping each step of the way.


National Museum of Naval Aviation - Visit the museum for aircraft that serve in the war and gave their lives for other people can enjoy it. The National Museum of Naval Aviation is one of the largest and most spectacular air and space museums in the world. Come and experience excitement of the NMNA's rich history background, see over 140 magnificent, beautiful and amazing restored aircraft representing the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Aviation.

There were plenty of pilots that gave their lives in the world war 2 event and their now posted on the wall at the museum. Dedicated to the proud few that comprised Naval Aviation's enlisted pilots, the display chronicles courage and accomplishments of these brave pilots, from 1916 to 1947.


Gulf Island - The Gulf Islands National seashore is still recovering from hurricane Ivan in September, the gulf island is open year round. Island beaches, sparkling waters, bayous, historic forts and many opportunities at the gulf island national seashore. The gulf island also protect a large number of historic buildings that represent the nation's coastal defense.

The gulf island also has some really cool activities which includes island camping, cast netting, fishing, picnicking, boating, swimming, exploring historic forts and just walking on the beach. Your safety is also important and that's why they have rangers around the park to see to it that everyone is safe while visiting the island.

The island is only accessible by boat and some times private boats that charter people to different places on the island, it's also a pretty good place just to get away from everyday life and just to be surrounded by the sea and total silence.


Discovery Gallery - In the year 1995, Discovery established a successful publishing division. Introducing many different artist of Rob Gonsalves's limited edition prints. There are many different paintings in the gallery some from very famous artist and people that just like painting. In home consultation, art installation, and, personalized service are among the many special features that discovery galleries offers. They have some very unique pictures that you won't really see in any other gallery it's beautiful.

Just see yourself looking at some amazing pictures from little kids to grown adult and they all have something in common they all love to paint and show their painting in the gallery.

Veterans Memorial Park - In December of 1987 the Moving Wall came to Pensacola Florida and was visited by many of the local people, which also includes some of the area vietnam veterans. For the five days the wall was in town decided it was time for Pensacola to have a permanent monument honoring the men and women that served and died in Vietnam.

The Wall South Foundation, formed by the VVNF to oversee the building of Wall South reached an agreement with the city of Pensacola in January 1991 for a five and one half acre site on Bayfront Parkway.

Veterans Memorial Park is home to Pensacola's World War I Mounment. Known as the number of WWI vets was declining, and was unable to raise the needed funds to accomplish this task, the overall effort by VVNF to open Veterans Memorial Park and Wall South.


Fort Barrances - Fort Barrancas sits overlooking the entrance to Pensacola Bay. The British built the first fort on this site, the Royal navy redoubt, in the year 1763. The American fort used the old spanish water battery as a base that strengthens the walls and adding a rifle gallery on top. Then in 1861, only one ompany of artillery was assigned to the forts at Pensacola, barrancas was armed with new guns in 1894, but the jobs were taken over by the new concrete forts built around forts pickens and mcree beginning in 1896.